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Friday, May 3, 2013

We Are With You...The Darkness invaded West Texas Today.

We Are With You
The darkness invaded Texas today,
the fires rages, as our souls cried
for all the injured and departed.

There are no words we can express
to take away the horror of that day away.
The human spirit is strong and in time
May the scars, and haunting memories fade.
May the spirits of your loved ones
be forever ingrain in your
minds, hearts, souls and memories.

Every time you hear a song,
See a butterfly fluttering among the beautiful
A child laughing.
A phone ringing with no one on
the other side.
That is a love call from
the other side.

You may or may not believe.
In the Grace of the Higher
Yet, we all need someone or
something to believe in to carry
May the balm of a healing light touch upon all the
hurting  and heal you over time.

Our hearts go out to the survivors
Our support is with them.
There are no words to
erase the anguish, the tears
and soul searing memories.

Grace is a gift and
your loved ones
would not want you
to hurt.
Life is brief and gone in
a blink of any eye.
Hold on to the light, faith and
listen,  for in the wind.
The wind chimes ringing vibrations,
they are the
love notes of your departed ones
sending their wishes to you, to not
be sad, to grieve, move on and live
in the moment.

So hold out your hand
and take hold, and
be strong, as many are
with you in this hour of

May the light of hope break forth
and shine from above to
you, and bring you peace.
As we all desired for you,
the survivors of West Texas.
© Cat Mahoney 2013

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