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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


http://manifestitalltoday.com/manifestanything   Anything is Possible, just believe.

I was surfing around and came across this video looking for inspiration encouragement to place on my shared author page at Facebook; Message to my Children 2 Fantasy Escapism.   I found this one; and the narrator has a deep hypnotic voice talking about how to achieve the secrets of the universe.  He has a foolproof strategy on videos and ebooks about how to plan your destiny of obtaining all of your desires, it is a sell pitch but there is the fantasy of what "if" listening to it. I have as I believe some of us  have thought of something they desire, that promotion, extra money for the bills, good news in the mail and the coincidences start occurring and if we listen to the insights and be daring to follow through it actually combine to create a wish come true. 

 It today's times everyone need hope and encouragement to believe in the unseen.  be it coincidence or a higher force hearing our pleas, prayers let's keep strong and dare to be a risk taker and make that visualize board today, and  cut out your pictures and write your dreams in concrete form on it  and live your life as if today is a new beginning.  This was written for all the NaNoWrMo  http://www.nanowrimo.org/ writers, only until November 25 th to write those 50,000 words,  so get going and let that muse go wild.  Writing is a gift to share with the world.  Also don't forget to celebrate the month of awareness for the great master of classic music:  Beethoven and his companions who gave us the music of the angels. Celebrate the arts and the imagination. 

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