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Friday, January 4, 2013

Kindness Starts With Us All

I was thinking it is a new start, a New Year, 2013, time to reorganized, clean and start anew. It has been a roller coaster ride in our lives from personal to professional this past. I have been involved with the Indie community, as a dabbling spiritual fantasy writer, but have not found my niche as of yet. I tried to create a page for all, authors, artists and readers can come to learn, promote and a place to recharge, Message to my Children 2 Fantasy Escapism and blogs to bring light to  a dark and divided world sometimes.

I had the pleasure to host blog events for many wonderful authors and Facebook events. I was selected as a author to submit and be involved in a Halloween Anthology Careful What You Wish For by six wicked authors, also available at Amazon.com. All proceeds to be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation. That was a blast and a haunting experience I thoroughly enjoyed and met wonderful people.

The months and days passed, life was riding along with its up and downs, until December 14, 2012, then tragic events occurred, and grief affect all in different ways, some cried, others yelled, and others deny the aftermath. Somehow by supernatural encouragement I found a release and received the pleasure to meet 41 other wonderful authors and a special artist on the path to create an anthology to help the families and survivors heal. Found an outlet, to write a poem and submit it to this anthology.

As I wanted to start, actually Tabatha Vargo with her beautiful poem, wanted to start this project but there was not enough response. Stephen  L. Wilson  of Indies in Action stepped up to the plate, did the research and we all the authors cooperated together to create a very spiritually, supernatural and emotional poetry, stories and artwork anthology, Angels Cried, available on Amazon.com, for $5.99  http://www.amazon.com/Angels-Cried-ebook/dp/B00AT95EDK/ref=la_B00586RG3U_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1357098686&sr=1-2  and Createspace for $ 11.99 https://www.createspace.com/4111103 and all proceeds to be donated to the school fund of Newtown, Ct.

I had the pleasure to work with the artist Matthew C. Nelson and promote his artwork and The Grove Comic Book, as a healing balm to wounds that will take a long time to heal.  My good deeds to not boast,  was to helped two editors with their own promotions and many other unforgotten deeds that led to memories and a fulfilment of a toasty feeling of accomplishment and tingling sense of being a light to another, and bring peace to the universe and society in general . With the tragedy there was a hole in my heart, and the tears fell.

As I was expressing my disbelief that no one saw the red flags and how this should of not occur and grieved as a mother, I saw a light in the darkness a few minutes before the end of 2012, a very dear friend, an artist challenged me to complete 26 acts of kindness to let the departed angels sing, of Newtown Connecticut and to bring in the New Year in on a lighter tone, so we planned a Facebook event which will premier on Valentine's Day. If you enjoy surprises then come to the wall of Message to My Children 2 Fantasy Escapism and/or  look there at my personal wall where he has been posting pictures of his colourful drawings and delightful story about Silvertoe, an ethereal dragon.

Also she has a song. I would like to see this talented individual find the right mentor and teacher who could assist him to walked the path of publishing a children's book and bring this creative story alive. He and his stories  have so much potential and would benefit many.

I was wondering if there is enough interest that the contributors of the 26 days of kindness posted their acts of kindness in February, for Valentine's day ? What do you think?

I saw a video today that I thought fits the act of kindness and warms my heart.
Please watch it and let it spark the light to be kind to one another.


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