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Sunday, January 6, 2013

The community is divided, time to heal and help

I sit here and read all of the comments on the social media channels about the motives of individuals and choices we all face in moments of joy and grief. The latest violent act of 26, maybe 27 angels being executed by a deranged man stirred many emotions ranging from shock, tears and grief to emotions beyond description. The heart of the world is tired of the violence. At the same time, across the ocean in China, 22 people were also attacked by a knife wielding maniac. We should not forget them either. There have been too many acts of violence to count - school shootings and the movie theatre executions, to name a couple. This is too many. The wounds of these actions are too much, and people react in different ways to grief.

Lately I have observed a divide in the community. There are a variety of opinions on how we should grieve, and this has created a torn society. The violent action was utilized for many platforms - for the NRA, religion and politics, and other reasons to fight and debate. Meanwhile the broken families and the world - especially the creative individuals such as artists, painters and writers - felt the pain of the senseless brutal crime and wanted to lift the burden of the heavy grief from the stricken. These creative people used their gifts of talents and created projects, from singing, to writing, to other forms of expression, to give strength and light to the grief-stricken. I, as a parent, would appreciate that if one of my three children were taken, God forbid, their names would not be forgotten.

I am a daughter of a father who was murdered by a drunk driver, and I have experienced other losses. In some way I know something about the pain those families are experiencing. So when an opportunity arose in the Indie Community to create an anthology of stories and poems, I gladly contributed my simple poem. My intent was not to be acknowledged, but to express my sorrow, and to let the angels know they will not be forgotten. They are the candlelight in the darkness, and the messengers who tell us that society is seriously maladjusted, and so many children who need help are not being heard. So I declare that this is a good platform to let the angels sing; to remember them, and not the murderer's name. I am ashamed that I have to Google the Columbine High School students' names, yet the executor name is still heard in society.

There is a divide in the community, and some call me a psychic vampire. To claim that I am thrilling off this is an insult. We all grieve in different ways. After that I attack I took a break to re-evaluate. Were they right? Was I and others involved in this project, or any project to let the angels sing, inconsiderate? I thought about it, and I think not. I will gladly be a whipping board and promote the book, unless the families come back and request the book to be taken down. Out of respect I think that would be a reasonable action, but I do not think they will. I know I wish I could open a memory and see my dad's name, and relive our memories. Actually, when I was grieving, my daughter created a scrapbook for me of him and his life. It took me a while to look at it, but now I cherish it.

But as a parent, and a daughter of a person taken by an act of violence , I think about we mourn our lost ones in many ways. If my child did not create the scrapbook, I would not have a gift to relish our bond. How many actually remember lost ones like Johnny Reingold, my dad, and the other victims of violence? It won't happen unless the minority decides to take a stand and declare to go forth with a pioneer project, and raise society's consciousness. We created a gift to shout a message - Enough of the violence and back stabbing and pointing fingers! It is time to unite as one world and help our hurting and wounded. As for the negative media, this book may or may not bring in donations for the school fund, but it will keep the angels' names alive, and the act of kindness will be paid forward in 2013. As such, the families will know their angels are not to be forgotten.

I believe there are hidden benefits that will come about later from this one act of kindness. There was no selfish intent. It is a heart-wrenching anthology by contributors from around the world. Yes, the world come together in one book, as well as other projects, to express their sorrow. How many more tragedies will occur before we receive the message? Let's stop keeping our heads buried in the sand. Let's raise our eyes and minds, and look around to see the red flags. Let's stop that executor before another loved one is taken, and another community suffers the agony and consequences of being separated from their loved ones.

This is a time when the forces of light and darkness will debate, and hurt others for their beliefs. Let's not allow it to come to that. The age of Aquarius is time to think about others, and pay forward and help one another find peace and love.

I know many in the community thank Stephen L. Wilson and all of the contributors of the anthology 'Angels Cried' for bringing this project to life. If there are flaws, which I do not think there are, it is because all of us were racing against the clock. Because I can bet you, in less then three, maybe six months at the most, you will not be able to remember the angels who departed earlier than planned. They did not die in Vain.

The community - the world - is divided, and there are light-workers and I guess dark-workers, the yin and the yang of the universe. We will combat heads and exchange bad words, and one has to ask, "what are we afraid of if we are pointing fingers at one another, instead of working together?"

I am not in a popularity contest, so I am prepared to be a whipping board, for I have seen the vicious attacks being portrayed against others because they decide to rebel. This is the 21th century, and sometimes the old beliefs have to go out and make room for the new ones. For me, this means to let the angels sing and bring their light to the wounded planet, and to not forgot all who died senseless deaths. This book, as well as other dedications, will become cherished treasures to some, and distasteful to others.

I leave you to ponder this: In years to come, will you want to sit in your rocking chair and open a memory and bask in the warmth of their lives? Or do you want to bury them, and in a blink of an eye forget them? Me, I am toasting my dad and his contributions as he lives in my children. The children are the future. What role models are we if we are bickering over our beliefs? I exchanged bad words with someone in the Indie Community, and I will publicly apologize and respect your views. Please respect ours. Grief makes some cross boundaries, and we are human. We all make mistakes, so put away the axes and offer each other a Peace Offering.


  1. This blog is one that should go global and I will try to do that now before I go relax. Catherine, my friend, is right. Society, people as a whole, are broken. So much violence and sadness. I see it this way because there are too many people in the world at the same time. By overcoming the obstacles such as plagues, we are changing destiny. We are expanding and extending our lives and clearly running out of space, resources, and time. Our children, grand children, will never know some of the beauty we have and what was here before us. Mother Nature is kind and loving but will not stand for her world to perish. I can't go into Wal-Mart without wishing I was home. Traffic is bad, all the things that harm the earth are multiplying with each birth. Each person is adding to the destruction. Now I have been attacked over something and the whole thing was handled unprofessionally and it shows me that there are criminals, mad men, and haters out there. People who want what others have, are greedy and selfish, and lose their minds over things that would have been handled ten times better fifty to a hundred years ago. Lately less people are worried about values and morals and more worried about their pockets and possessions. It's sick. We are a dying nation that has caused our own downfall and the evidence is before our eyes. Even the blind will see in time. Please share this blog by Catherine Mahoney.

  2. Blogged, Shared, Facebooked, Twittered, and googled lol. Hope it helps.

  3. Catherine,
    Your words are stirring and pure. Thank you for sharing your perspective, and thanks for helping with the anthology. You are a sensitive soul with much to teach others.

  4. The words here are oh so true as I too see my teachings or lack there of in my children and my purpose in this life before I leave it is to help my children heal with me so the rest of their lives are less painful. This nation is very ill, not everyone but too many people are clouded with the downfalls they have inherited from their teachings. I do see the peace we all deserve, unfortunately, millions of people are unable to achieve personal peace that can be shared with others. - I hope more people can enjoy personal and professional healing with the help of peaceful writers :)