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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What Is and How to Create a QR Code to put on your Products

I was visiting the Indie Authors community https://www.facebook.com/groups/smashwordsauthor/  and saw an interesting topic, QR code, the abbreviated term stands for  Quick Reader code for Scanners bar design for Smart Phones, can be put on advertisement, billboards, vinyl banners, surveys, business cards, stickers, email signature, newspaper ad, on-line videos, books and so much more. The computerized method for customers and readers to become familiar with your product and services through Internet surfing.

The person asked the community and the author Valerie Douglas http://www.amazon.com/Valerie-Douglas/e/B0036POJZI/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1) author Amazon page) responded with a link to a Wik page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_code and off the investigator (me) went to see what everyone is talking about lately.  Pondering what is a QR code and how to create one?

The question was, If someone is setting up a book signing what could she do to promote her book, and the topic what is a QR code came about,  me not as familiar as the technical savy authors decided to do research and now understand this is it a valuable symbol that one needs for their readers to locate their book and services by today technical devices, like the I-Phones, and other devices that can scan.  It is a like a personal tattoo but not on a person' body but rather as a code for devices to locate an item like a scanner does in a department store.  The artist creates their own symbol and then download it into their computer to be an unique symbol for their brand name and their product.  Others, customers, readers utilizing  their I-Phone and other devices can scan it and be taken to the author's Amazon site or other site that displays the product or services they are offering their customers, readers and others.

 Here are some links I started with to research this Japanese technology  but it came to the USA only recently


This prompter used his site to tell the viewers to go to http://www.shambles.com/  typed in QR codes to find more links to research about the topic to feel comfortable in creating one.

If you review the links above, the prompter tells you to go to the Google information bar and type in
"url shortener" click on first link http://goo.gl/  copied and paste in your brand name like I did "Message to my Children 2 Fantasy Escapism" and hit enter and the long name will be shorter to a url shortener like http://goo.gl/DptDU     then you click on details it goes to  an indicator chart and counts how many someone click on your brand name, that to me is Awesome.

On the page then if you right click, choose open in new tab then you will see the unique QR code for your brand, looks like a puzzle piece. It is small, to make it bigger you go to the url code in the search bar where it shows dimension of 100 x 100 and you changed it to 400 x 400 and press enter and the puzzle piece, the QR code will become larger. Not satisfied changed it to 500 by 500 in the top bar.  Then when satisfied click on to save as in pictures and now you are a proud owner of an unique QR code.


Below is another site to tell you how to purchase the printer paper with glue on the back of each sticker to print your unique code and then placed inside your product, for Indie authors, artists and others you can print up your unique QR code and position inside your book and now the readers can take their device and scan the code and it will go directly to the author's site and readers can preview the book  and services and they can decide if they are willing to invest their hard earn monies into the item. A few minutes of your time and you have created a new market, for the scanners of the 21st century and your readers and your products are on display for all to preview and enjoy.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7bOVVDuLq0&feature=related same link as above just to backtrack if necessary, the guru is explaining how to use the Google Url shortener and go from there.

Exciting new Technology in your products. Scanners for the latest devices like the I-Phone and other scanning devices.

And if you want it to be 3-D or fancy then check out this link:  Creating a custom designer

this one charges $3.95 for a 24 hour period or $11.95 a month and gives the customers allot more benefits and templates to print or you can go to an office supply store like Office Depot, Staples and others to locate the stickers.

 There are probably free ones out there too, need to investigated further. But I want to stay cautious and not bring anyone to a virus site, so I let the reader surf further, hopefully is is a beginning understanding of what and how to create a QR code.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8htcWSk2iE0&feature=fvwrel  how to scan QR codes on to phones and devices.

Use Photoshop to make it more personal and unique.  http://www.farengambrill.com/2011/11/14/how-to-design-a-custom-qr-code/

http://authoritylabs.com/blog/qr-codes/  the wrong and right way to make a correct QR code

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l30DYPQ66TY&feature=relmfu how to create and share

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ndGJw43dpQ  how to use labels to create QR codes

Here is my original QR code and will investigate how to created a more fancier one later, time off to do something eles, before the storms come in.

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