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Monday, April 29, 2013

I Gave You My Love Today Use It Wisely Day 29 of National Poetry Month, April

It was not exactly what I was thinking when these words pop into my head today, yet now I realize this poem is an expression to let others know that in that moment you want to be upset. When someone slights you or hurts your feeling. Put yourself in their shoes and you may understand love is not unconditional and we all have envelopes of energy. Some more then others. Like the 12 Spoons for Lupus survivors I was thinking MS and others low on energy, needed an encouraging word.

I Gave You My Love Today
Use It Wisely 

I gave you my love today
use it wisely.
Today I awoke
with a weary soul.
My body weak
My breath slow.
I am a survivor
of the MonSter.
Multiple Sclerosis.
It came in the night
like a theif taking
away my ability to
think, speak and walk.
Everyday is a mystery
will I awake blind,
not able to remember
someone's name.
I fight with all my strength
reach out to others
to stay connected to
the world for
one more day.
My mind, body
and soul is weary.
As this MonSter
steals everything
I was.
I am.
I will not let this MonSter
I gave you my love today
use it wisely.
So next time you want to attack someone
or feel slighted, remember we are
Life is a game, some are stronger
than others.
We are one, the same, 
and desire to be love and 
I gave you my love today
use it wisely. 

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