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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shalini Samuel ( her contributions to the Thirty days National Poetry Month)


  • Shalini is International and asked that I add her beautiful poetry to this blog for the thirty days poetry National Month, 
    I am honour to, enjoy 

    • Lovingly I hate you

      Lovingly I hate you dear

      Fear of missing you my life

      You will leave me, I fear

      Wish to be your loving wife

      I want to be always yours

      And want you to be mine

      For then world will be ours

      And our life will shine

      Unite us together lord

      Do you hear my word?

      Will you leave me die?

      Or say him not to lie

      Will not he be wise as everyone 


      Will I get reward for the good I 

      did till day

        (Day 2)

      Let Peace Prevail terror

      Art, a knack of taming souls
      and binding minds forever,
      not to dwell in dreadful terror
      but in beauty and charisma.

      An art admirer’s heart
      Won’t play with a bomb
      Or push others in tomb
      But adore creator’s feat

      You mothers and teachers
      Teach a child, “admire art”
      Not a woman’s physique
      To grow into a rapist

      Sow silky tenderness
      And buffalo’s tolerance
      Ah! Its insensitiveness
      For peace to prevail terror

    • Day 3

      Winnie Wise

      I am Wise Winnie

      Rolling back the time machine

      Erasing the typing slips,

      Tongue wrote in hearts.

      Wiping away hatreds and feuds.

      Let history repeat sans wars.

      Let man’s legs move forward,

      Deleting errors of future;

      Using backspace forgiving past.

      Winnie Wise screams fiercely

      Don’t wanna see kids crying

      Don’t wanna see lamenting lady

      Don’t wanna see helpless man

      Wanna see a world of angels

      Wanna make the earth a 



      I am Wise Winnie

      Rolling back the time machine 


      Handle,rusted by hatred,wheel 


      Understanding and love applied 

      to smooth

      The wheel turns again

      How long have we come

      Is there lot more to go

      Or if the path is infinite

      I am unaware,still the wheel 


      Oh you man, a fool

      Your typing errors,left 


      In hearts of man, is still in 


      Hatreds and feuds left 


      Still staying viruses in mans cells

      Winnie Wise recycled every error

      How long wil she have to 


      Day 4


      The future is in our hands

      Let the building come up

      On the grave of forest

      A leader commands.


      Agitated, yet calm and 


      Sea smiles at his foolishness

      Razing the building into dust

      Without a trace of the past

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