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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Twilight Forgivness

Last night was one of those nights, where in the twilight zone the dreams come flashing into a sleeper's mind. It was the past memories and the regrets of unconscious actions I committed against an innocent one, and asking for forgiveness. Deep into the slumber and  feeling the anguish of the regret, a cell phone rang, awoken,  searching the house to see who's phone it was, because in the early morning hours where a phone rings, it is usually not good news, and all my children are away from home. Dreading the message, none of the phones indicated it rang. There was a witness to hearing the sound too, baffled  we went back to sleep and I back into the dream world.   Awoke with these words on my mind. 

Twilight Forgiveness

My dearest one, if only I was not trap,
in the darkness and fear, my actions of
yesteryear would be so different.

I would of not reacted out of wounded pride,
and the rejection from one whom I  thought loved me
instead beat me, changed the course of many

Weak and ashamed of my behind the door
plight, afraid to tell another I made a mistake,
I reacted with impulsive reaction and
committed a transgression which has no valid
reason to be explained away.

My mind, heart, vessel and soul
felt the searing pain of that instant
decision so many years later

I ask for the forgiveness from you
and pray when we met again, our
hearts are heal and we can
hold hands and continue
as if a rash decision was
not decided in a moment
of being trapped in the abyss of

Pitch Black and suffocating
no clear thought could break
through. Now in the present
if I had to do it again
all would be as it should be.

We would be dancing in the sunlight
glazing at the starry twilight sky
and laughing over the joy of life.
Sharing tears of the failures
and boast each other to continue
on the walk one calls life. 

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