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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

National Poetry Month, April 2, 2nd Poem Adversity Builds Character

I am reading Author Tom Ulfert Adversity Builds Character,
insightful humanistic story.

This is an inspirational story of a man personal tumult and adventurous
journey in his life from babyhood, childhood and adulthood and how
he accept his fate, and did not feel cheated. Kudos to Tom Ulfert.

This story brought so many emotions alive in this reader's mind.

So today's expression is for the fighters in all of us that meet
challenges face on and do not back off.

Adversity Builds Character 

It is true from life experiences

Adversity Builds Character.

You see before a child is sent

from their heavenly kingdom

they are given choices of how they

desired to live on this earth plane while

they are alive.

Some children are for instant pleasure

and gratification, so they ask

for the well endowed parents,

have their lives planned to walk

the road of comfort.

Some children are selected as advocates

and help others in need, so they

ask for parents who are teachers, mentors

and guides and they grow in their

spiritual knowledge and truth.

Others, the brave warriors, they

asked for the most difficult parents

with the lot of dysfunctional lives

are willing to suffer the consequences

and grow in the

darkness to learn life's purpose

and accelerate their path to spiritual


They are the true angels sent from

Heaven above.

They are the messengers of the enlightened

chosen ones with the willing spirits who

sacrifice is vital.

Are more than able to raise among adversity,

as adversity builds character.

So when life throws you a curve ball,

catch it and accept that your destiny

is a miracle with all the bells, and tolls, raise

your voice in cheer, for you are

special and unique.

Do not judged another

unless you walk in their


Help another even your enemy

for one day you may need


Love one another for tomorrow

may not come and you have only today.

So yes Adversity Builds


Life is brief, gone in a blink of an eye

it is a gift, to be cherished, no matter

what it throws at you.


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