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Monday, April 1, 2013

National Poetry Month, April 2013, everyone invited

30 Days of Poetry through National Poetry Month, posted on blogs.

I found the National Poetry Month site, http://www.napowrimo.net/about/ and decided to express my thoughts, be it in poetry or expressions of emotions. This will be my platform for 30 days of poetry, and/or expressions. Anyone who wishes to join me can.

We created an International poetry page merge with Indies in Action because out of the Angels Cried Anthology, I met many wonderful poets and poetesses from Africa, the Philippines Jamaica and other locations, and will give them an open invite to come join other on this odyssey of written expressions, for the month of April. As of April 1st, 2013, the page will be available to the public. So come one, come all and express your thoughts with poetry or words in your own language and translate and begin a month of discovery on the International page, or leave here or you can leave on the page and I will transfer to here. Crazy, right? . I am excited, are you?

Here is the link to the International page: all invited; https://www.facebook.com/pages/MTMC2-Indies-in-Action-International-Expressions/166530940070178

It is a mixed month for me, my middle son was born April 30th and my father died in 1999, on this day too, a mixture of joy and sorrow. He was killed by a drunk driver, and no penalties, his life snuffed out and no punishment to the driver. Because Dad was 72, and not productive to society, according to the judge, and he walked in front of the car. It was all lies, but that is another subject, . He was vital, important to us, his family, my three children as their grandfather and his friends. He was the Irishman who would drink you under the bar, yet give you the shirt off his back, when ever anyone needed something or assistance. Of course I missed him, like it was yesterday. So I will dedicated my first expression to him and the life he created for us, his grandchildren and friends.

April 1st, 2013

My Dad, (you are missed every day)

On August 23, 1926,

a baby boy was born

His parents named him John.

He was a loyal son, friend and life mate.

He was a hard worker, and trustworthy.

He was slow to anger

and when someone need a shoulder

to lend on, he came with no questions

no Judgment in his eyes, heart or soul.

He was a man beyond his year of wisdom,

he appeared to be quiet, but he was an observer

and when he spoke his words carry so much joy,

like a treasure chest full of magic and beautiful

pearls. Overflowing with wit and smiles.

He knew when to speak and when to listen.

Everyone who crossed his path

were transformed into a better person.

He was a bright light

and his flame still burns deeply in his grandchildren sparkling eyes 

and thought out actions.

He is still a bright light for in the darkness, when I hear the

wind chimes ringing in the stirring wind or see a beautiful butterfly 

flittering among the blossoming flowers of the garden, 

I know he is thinking of us, watching over us and sending his love.

This poem is dedicated to Johnny Reingold and all loved ones missed.

Cat Mahoney (C) 2013

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