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Sunday, April 14, 2013

I want to Scream, Punch something, Break something, lesson. National Poetry month, April

I want to scream.
Punch something
Break something.
As my heart is
shattering into pieces.

My body is too weak
from the constant assault on the
mind, body and soul.
I am too weak to fight
to breath one more life's
My heart longs to stop beating
and leave this Godforsaken

There is many types of domestic
One lives with all.
The psychological one
is the death of the soul.
It does not leave bruises or
It is the worst as the demon
cuts deeply and wounds the
human core.

One tries to escape,
run away.
They stalk you
to sheer exhaustion
and defeat.

One prays when will the day comes,
I can be free from the shackles of
deceptions, lies and manipulation.

One wants to scream.
To punch something.
To break something.
but at alas can not.
The soul is too weary.

For you see the demon has
broken and weaken your powerful
vessel with constant barrage of hatred and
negativity, brainwashed you to believe
in their cruel views.

Broken like a clay pot,
shatter in pieces,
never to be glue back together.
The cracks are there, but invisible.
There is nothing left
to have hope in.
The consequences of believing
he/she will change.
Is a broken mind, heart and

It is a lesson learn
the first cruel word, punch or
strange reaction, run do not look
To be be caught and snare in the chains of
bondage, and years later look up in regret
and ask why did I stay.

As you flame will be extinguished and
you will not have the strength to
believe in goodness and fairy tales anymore.

Love ends happily ever after for the
darers, so pack that bag and run
like hell.
 As if the devil is on your
trail and flee to safety as quickly
as you can.

Tomorrow is a new day,
a new beginning as you
release yourself from the
guilt and chains of the
evil one.

You will discover yourself again,
and not want to scream.
Punch something,
or break something.

You will want to shout
with joy.
Dance to the rhythms of life.
Be free and independent.
As the special vessel you were meant
to be.

Cat Mahoney (c) 2013

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