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Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 15, National Poetry Month April Today another Tragedy Hits Home.

Another tragedy hits close to home, in the United States, actually the world. Two pipe bombs were planted in trash cans at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, the same Marathon that was cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy.  The Newtown families were invited to the proud tradition and some sicko decides this was the perfect time to plant two pipe bombs. Killing three innocent lives, an eight year old child, and two others, Martin R. Lost count of the injured, 176 at the time still counting the victims being admitted to the local hospitals in critical and serious conditions.

My son, my brown hair, brown eye imp, middle child resides in Sayville, Mass. I as a mother was terrified for him and others, wanted to hear their voices and know everything was fine. I was blessed to hear he and the others were okay and not near the site.

My heart as others are breaking for all the families, loved ones and friends who were in the midst or heard after the fact of injuries and such. Sending light, positive energies and love to them.

The darkness is becoming stronger as each day passes. Not quoting from the scriptures or holy books. Just can sense the change coming, will humanity wake up in time. Unseen or not there is a contamination of ugliness and evil lurking and waiting to pounce. Be it mental illness  distorted beliefs or something supernatural.  We need to be aware and look around and protect our loved ones from the twisted corruption of darkness by letting the light shine forth.

Today another tragedy hits home.
lives shattered, destroy by
evil minded influences.

The darkness is suffocating the
human consciousness which is
trapping the light from shining forth.

Humanity, it is time to awaken
and stop the influences of
darkness from being a thief in the
night, stealing, robbing and
murdering our babies.
All ages from 1 to 120 years
old, still someones child.

Do not give into evil,
do not turn your mind and
eye away from strange
occurrences.  Do not be
tempted by the lies, deceptions
and distortions.

Go inside yourselves
and whisper, communicate and connect
with and to your inner
 Ask for
strength to stay strong
and help others to recovery and
heal from this tragedy and others.

Do not ignored the signs
of the times, and vow to help to enlightened
another one mind's or many to the truth
that this world is dying
from a deprivation
of unconditional love.

Do not hate, judge or be jealous
of thy neighbor.
Forgive your enemies
and release the scars and
wounds to the universe.
Write them on a paper and
burn them.

Let the universe forces
destroy the ugliness and
reopen the portal to allow
light to come back home to
the little blue marble, our

There are hurting vessels
walking among us, the evil
sees their weakness and
targets them to act irrational.
Influences their
impulsive actions to
go out to injure and maim
innocent children and adults

Go back to the days to say hello
and ask one, if they need help, and
to not ignore that wounded child
for that could be the next murderer

The children are the future,
the next generation.
Please do not ignore the signs.
Reach out to a hurting
individual and hear them,
so we will not have to experience
another tragedy upon the horizon.

Someone, somebody out there
know this evil person(s) intentions,
how in all that is good
could not one speak out
and saved the eight year old
and the other precious  lost life .
They could of yell, shouted and stop
the destruction of so many
innocent lives.

Humanity, it is time to awaken
and stop the influences of
darkness from being a thief in the
night, stealing, robbing and
murdering our babies.
All ages from 1 to 120 years
old, still someone's child.

The key is to let the light
shine forth. Unconditional
love, without it
darkness will win.

Copyright (c) Cat Mahoney 2013

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