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Friday, April 5, 2013

Hope (believe in the impossible). 5th day of the National Poetry Month, April

Once again my "Toy" decided to not behave, as I was helping someone with something, in the background was the news on the television, reporting about the dedication to the children of Sandy Hook and Jack Pinto's family memorial of a new park built in Hurricane Sandy Storm's ravished town in New Jersey, a hundred miles away from Newtown, Connecticut. It was a somber  and at the same a celebration time to Jack Pinto and his memories. A lover of the Giants Football team.

The News went on to explain that the rescuers and first responses of the Sandy Storm were also at the memorial. The "Toy" started to play the eerie tune again from the Sandy Hurricane Authors Action in November 2012. I have the laptop open looking to see where it was coming from. No open windows, no media player playing. It came through the Windows Live Photo Gallery. I for one, never know that this software could play music. Anyway, I decided to update the Sandy Hurricane dedication of the Indie Authors Sandy Hurricane group helping to collect real books for the destructed libraries, poem number four, with more warmth and memories.

Today is April 5th, and it is time for another poem/expression

Hope (believe in the impossible). 

When one loses a loved one, the heartache
 is indescribable of the emotional agony one

They missed their loved one,
their emotions well up and the heart
feels as if it is shattered, never
to be the same again.
A fierce tsunami raging through
them and tomorrow seems to be

The faithful ones believe they are
safe in the higher realm and the
Almighty has them in his warm
loving embrace.

They are playing children games
and living as children should.

The doubtful think that life has
ended, there is no such place
as a heavenly kingdom.

The departed are buried to be no
more, yet when one looks beyond the
reality, they see the truth.
They witnessed the miracles in the
beauty of a blossoming flower.
A fluttering butterfly
or the kindness of a stranger and
 a good deed.
Then yes their loved ones
are still alive in one's minds and hearts.

They are only a blink away and their wish is for ones to
believe with all your beings that one day
you will be with them again.
For miracles are to believe in the impossible
and to always have
hope in one's hearts.

Copyright (c) Cat Mahoney 2013. 

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