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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dedication https://www.facebook.com/groups/IndieAuthorsforHurricaneSandyLibraries/

Last night, again another strange event occur before I went to sleep. I saw a post of the Hurricane Sandy Indies Authors seeking Children Books on Facebook, for the devastated libraries hit by the Hurricane in October 2012. My heart went out to the little tykes, and I decided to send emails to some children authors I thought might be able to assist the group with books to stock the shelves after the new construction.

After contacting some authors and email them the link, I called it a night, and close down, close down my "toy" as my spouse calls it. Relaxing into a soft slumber, I heard eerie music playing. I got up to investigate. Thinking my older son's radio went off, and was playing Japanese music.

No, I went over to my laptop, "My Toy", it was lite, flashing the pretty green and red lights and the music sounded so familiar. It was the tune I borrowed from an Indie Musician  Kevin Macleod for guess what?" The video I created for all of things, Hurricane Sandy's authors' auction back in November 2012. You see what was strange, is that I forget about that video, did not open my media player, and yet the tune was eerily playing. I would of let it play itself out, but it was disturbing the household. As I touched the "Toy" to switched off, it switched itself off, silence reign in the room.

Now that is spooky to me, or supernatural, as I was thinking of my prior days as a teenager in the Bronx libraries  My sanctuary away from the filthy streets, gangs, alcoholic and mental ill parents.  I loved the libraries and their were my home away from home all hours of the day or night. I read the classics, the tales and so much more. So, what ever reason the "Toy" turned itself on, fragmented to the media player and pick that tune out of 100 songs. I do not know why. To me, it was a sign, the libraries need to be rescued.  So I dedicate this poem or expression to the Indie Author group who priority is to collect books and delivered them to libraries fully or partially destroyed by the Hurricane.

Dedication https://www.facebook.com/groups/IndieAuthorsforHurricaneSandyLibraries/

As a little girl in the midst of the ghetto streets,
the gunshots flying, the screams echoed and the junkies
lounging in the doorways, scared me. I desired an escape
from the misery of what life decided I was to
experience as my lot.

I found my sanctuary,
the Bronx cities libraries.
I would open the ancient wooden doors, walked in, and stand
in the entrance, sniffed and smell the
fragrance  of ancient leather-bound books.
The shush, whisper from the librarian telling the rowdy
children to be quiet.
Glancing at the homeless person reading the newspaper or
catching a snooze.
The creak of the planks of the shiny floor, as the patron
tiptoed over the cracks trying to not disturb the
The old fashioned water fountain to kiss a cold wisp of the
taste of freedom,as the parched mouth no longers thrists.
Discover the secrets of the universe as I open a book
and become absorbed in the plot,

Relished in the sentimental memories of enjoying the atmosphere.
Mind lost in the fog of the wooden odors of the panels
and of the pine cleaner and musty smells that
wafer from the shelves of so many books, I was in

I would walk over and see a classic
or some other entertaining tale,
pulled it from the shelf and go find
a hide away seat and traced my fingers
along the spine, and rustled the pages.
Smell the press ink and open the cover
and escaped into the world of Fantasy,
Sci-Fiction, Classic and literature and
so much more.

The gunshots would disappear,
the number 2 train running,  blowing its
whistle along the El, would fade.
The pangs of hunger would disappear.
The hopelessness would be dimmer.
The threat of being jumped,
and the misery to return back
home to a neglected household, gone.

I was saved by the books that crossed my path.
So today I asked that all come and gather and
go to the link below.
Help the lovers of books, of all ages
to always have a portal to escape through, when life
throws obstacles in your way.

To me, libraries are the educational institutions
of our lives,
the link of hidden knowledge
and the future of our children.
So please be a hero and saves lives
and make a difference in a child's
life today.
Go donate.
Light up another readers' world with a new book
and aid their journey on the road to the
wondrous mysteries of the literature realm.


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