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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Moonlight Shines Upon Thy Face. National Poetry Month, April 2013

The moonlight shines upon thy face.
Thy eyes are like mirrors as we see our reflections of 
each other.
On a starry night you take my hand and pledge to be mine and I hold your hand and pledge to be yours.
We become engaged, we married, we buy the house, and watch the children grow up and share in the joys of grandparenthood
We share the joy and sorrows of life as it carries us along the journey.
Our hair turn silver and our senses die but our hearts beats with our dying breath. 
We promised to be there for each other in health and sickness.
We vow to last as a married couple for life.
Now my heart you are gone, and the abyss of my emptiness washes over me like a tumultuous storm 
and I do not think I can arise to another 
day on this earthly plane and pass the time without you.
I hold on the day when once again we will be
together and see our reflections in each other eyes once again.
You are the sunshine that warms my being.
The gratitude of helping others and their smiles which brings forth the shining rays of light and hope we will once again never be apart.
The everything of my existence and I am not complete
until we meet again my love, my friend, my soulmate.
So hear my whispers and know you have my heart and I have yours in the palm of my hand, for you are loved and missed. 
As we promised so long ago, in a blink of an eye we will be united for we believe in the impossible and know there is the gift of eternity and time as we are meant to be together in this life and the next.

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