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Friday, April 26, 2013

Love is a Flame That Burns Brightly National Poetry Month, April 2013

Love is a flame the burns brightly when
the soul is awakened, be with a partner,
Or as a first-time parent,
Through sorrows or joys
It is the roller coaster of our lives
With it up and downs of life’s adventures.
When one becomes wounded
by the actions of another.
The heart is shattered and afraid to
Be open for more despair.
Love is shut down, closed off
It becomes stagnant and dies
As everything must die
Like everything else of our
existence, it lays in dominant sleep.
Waiting for the tiniest spark to be reignited
If one is willing to be daring
It cannot die.
Love is a passion, a burning desire
bidding for the right moment
to be ignited once again.
Do not let love die because of
another’s wrongful actions.
It is unconditional
Your gift to yourself and to
Share with one another.
To be use and cherished
Become one’s legendary to be
pass down to the children and
their children.
While we are here visiting
Mother Earth.
(c) by Catherine Mahoney  2013

Thank you to Author https://www.facebook.com/karli.rush1
for the amazing picture link

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