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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Did Your Do Your Part Today? Day 9, National Poetry Month April 2013

It is late,
the soul is weary
the eyes are fighting sleep,
the soul is calling for a rest.

Yet there is an restless spirit
stirring with in this vessel and the call of
a soft bed is not enough.

There is a nagging sense of something that
needs to be complete.
Can one go to sleep with a clear conscious.

As your weary soul thinks of the day,
Do you believe that others were helped and
as a universe we pay forward and raise the energy
of love, faith and hope today?
 As the sunshine helps the flowers to blossom,
did you help others
to grow?
Water them with nourishment
and love?.

Did you  do your part today?
Did you reach out to another
listen instead of responding
Did you think before speaking?
Did you make someone laugh?
Did you share a secret part of you
which is vulnerable and discovers
the wonders of miracles?.

I did and I hope you did
Did your do your part today?

Did you do your part today?
and help someone grow in light and
blossom as a reborn flower?

Time is racing and life continues

Did you do your part today?
and once again tomorrow is
another day. Another opportunity
knocking at your door.

Will you do your part tomorrow
and the day after and after
until the Grim Reaper catches us
and we go home?.

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