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Monday, April 8, 2013

1440 Minutes In A Day, 7th day of the National Poetry Month, April 2013

Today is a 1440 minute day.
You have choices to wallow in
pity because of what this one
or that one did or did not do to 

Or you could be mature, and think
that it just a moment and you will
let it go. 
Maybe it was a life lesson, 
not to judge another.
Not to lose your temper.
Not to react with anger and
say something you will regret.

Today is a 1440 minute day
it will be gone in 24 hours
never to come back 

When you go to sleep tonight
will be with a clear mind
and a smile on your lips?
or tears and regrets of wrong actions
one is not able to take back?

Today is 1440 minute day
how will it end for you?

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