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Saturday, May 11, 2013

"What If"


Some people were upset that authors would contribute to a tragedy anthology, for the NewTown Connecticut departed and survivors, thought it was in bad taste. Others praised the compassion.  I been to Hell and back thinking about this. As a mother, parent if it was one of my babies, I would want to know there was support for the grieving. Be it Art, Literature, and worthy charities. Acts of Kindness. If it let it rest as some want, then we are not listening to the parents plead for changes of the Gun Laws. It is time to respect their loved ones with actions, not just talk.

It is Mother's Day weekend, some parents over 3000 plus who had children kill by senseless crime will be suffering sheer anguish this weekend. It is time to show solidarity . Raise your voice and show support.  Review the Gun laws and help the House of Representatives, the NRA and all the peacemakers find a compromise.  I was having difficulty posting this, but if one parent sees it, and double check the lock box, or thinks to hide the deadly weapon in a safe location.  Then I have succeed in saving one life today. Are You Ready, I am?


"What if" before kissing your spouse, significant other,
you double check your
locked that gun away from preying eyes and hands.
Put the shells in a different location.

"What if" as a Civilian Services employee, a police officer,
a detective and other,
you remember to check the lock box
Stored it in a safe place.
A child may  not be killed today by accident.

"What if" you use guns for business as a Drug Dealer
to a Hunter,
you think twice
about the consequences to have a deadly weapon
for preying eyes and hands to find.
The reward, one or more lives not killed today
by senseless crime.

"What if" the NRA wants to split the masses with
the 2nd Right's Amendment to "Bear Arms".
 Have the school systems bring back the Dare,
Drug Enforcement Officers,
changed it to the Gun Enforcement Act.
Teach  the children the deadly consequences,
with the signed waiver of the parents.

Children from Age 3 watch Bambie
and have their family member explain
about the consequences of firing
an unsupervised weapon,
and the damage it could inflict
upon another.
Death is not temporary, it is forever.

What if as each year the clock spring forth for Spring
and back for Winter.
Society decides  to have not a moment of silence
for more shooting victims.
 But a week, month or year of gun safety trainings.
 A law of checking household, businesses and owners
for a permit and register use
of a firearm.

"What if" someone believes someone is unbalanced,
under the influence of alcohol
and drugs, or speaks of violence.
Someone be a hero and call 911 to report that person(s) anonymous.
Have the authorities investigate,
to see if that owners deserves to keep
the deadly weapon, or have it revoke.
Until further psych examinations.

3000 people were murdered by a deadly weapon,
a firearm in 100 days.
Time to awake world.
Stop the debating.
Create an amendment to the Constitution
with "What If's".
 Transform the impossible to the possible.
Vote to put the additional  into action,
not tomorrow, not the near future.
Today, "What If's" are ineffectual,
every minute another life is in the balance.

I want to tell my children and their children
back in 2013.
Year of Transformation
The Powers to Be, came in peace.
Added laws to  the Amendment to the Constitution.
To stop the senseless brutal crimes of
violence by gunfire.
Applaud as the death rate decrease.

There would be not another statistic to add to the morgue,
or  parents crying over their lost child
and the world mourning with them.

I am ready, are You?

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