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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chad Repko A Prayer So Long Forgotten (from the book) National Poetry Month

Moonlight [Paperback]
Chad Repko (Author)



Chad Repko A Prayer So Long Forgotten
(from the book)

I want to touch this temple,
and feel the smoothness of it's skin
I want to kneel down at the alter
and feel the fire that burns within

Many hearts have been altered
from the gift of your kiss
Many years have I faltered
longing for the taste of your lips

I want to slowly caress the valley
that holds your weighted heart
I want to taste the temple
and hear your spirit as it comes apart

Many years, many legions have been broken
from the gift of your grace
Many ages, many souls have been forsaken
from the beauty of your face

I want to dance with you in fire
and feel the Rhythm of your thighs
I want to say this prayer so long forgotten
and feel what is deep inside your eyes

Many dreams, Many times I have wondered
what is the price I'd have to pay
Many miles, many answers have unraveled
and this prayer I need to say

Your body is the prayer I want to touch

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