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Monday, February 25, 2013

A Children's Story a Publisher would Appreciate

Matthew C Nelson Artist and author of comics and future dream, Children' books

Ethereal dragon of yesteryear, Silvertoe. the story and pictures it is under my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/honeysue which will be highlighted for the artist's birthday. February 28th. His Facebook page, Artist Matthew C. Nelson, " https://www.facebook.com/pages/Artist-Matthew-Christopher-Nelson/444024478985652?ref=stream"

Short narrative

 Once, long ago, in a small village to the east of the fog mountains, along the red flower river, there was a grand city, called the City of the Jacinthian Rose. The city was ruled by a jovial, kind man named King Windmere, and his wife, Queen Janessa. The king and queen had twin sons named Woolven and Janod. The king and queen, being dedicated to their people, traveled across the land. As such, the boys had a wet nurse, named Talona. King Windmere's reign lasted sixty years, and would eventually pass away on his one hundredth birthday, his wife followed him five years after, on the day their sons turned eighteen. It was during those five years that the twins were routinely taught by the queen on how to rule the city, both prosperously and diligently. By the time Queen Janessa had passed away, the boys had taken their place as co-rulers of the city.
Knowing that her services would be ending, Talona began plotting a way to ensure that she had not a want in the world. She knew that united, the brothers would have no need for her, so she began plotting ways to pit one versus the other. One night, Talona had a grande dinner party in their honor, and summoned all the merchants to attend. One of then, Vesper, happened to be her half-brother, and was a traveling herbalist.

 One day, Talona approached him and asked if he had anything to poison rats. Vesper gave her an herb called Ratbane, and told her to be very careful with it, as it was very potent. During the eve of the party, Talona slips some of the Ratbane into the food, making them susceptible to suggestion. Hours later, she approached Woolven and told him that Janod was planning on killing him. Outraged and under the unknown affects of a mind-altering drug, Woolven gathered all the men he knew to be faithful, and began to attack Janod and those loyal unto him. What began as skirmishes blossomed into a full-scale war, a war that split the city in half. Eventually, Janod built a city along the lake, and those loyal to him moved there.


 This is the conversation I had with Artist Matthew C. Nelson about his moving children's story. I declare to him he is very talented artist and should look for a Children's Publisher to create a story with his beautiful artwork. It is a fantasy book about stopping violence, for children or anyone not to fight.   It is a wonderful gift for children to receive.

The above picture was a wonderful idea from a quirky artist, and the best she eats moonbeams and warm summer dreams,

She is the ethereal dragoncat of yesteryear, forged in the aftermath of a child's tear, to wipe the tear free and turn the frown to a smile, her laughter will grow on you after not so long a-while Once, long ago, in a small village to the east of the fog mountains, along the red flower river, there was an orphanage of children whose parents were forced to fight in the wars..the endless tears seeped into the ground, and one night, beneath a full moon, Silvertoe was born Silvertoe comes to the aid of the children...of both sides....

She gathers the children of both sides, and gets the children to get them to stop fighting

 Look at this artwork and the imagination of this artist and author, he is looking for a partnership with someone or to be adopted and create and live each other dreams, a writer and artist. To create a wonderful children books waiting to be born just like the Ethereal dragon of yesteryear, Silvertoe.

A great opportunity is knocking on a publisher’s door, to help him, calling all interested parties to contact the quirky artist, Matthew C. Nelson, someone who is very special and has many abilities a publisher would be seeking of an uprising author and artist.

1st stanza of one of the songs for Silvertoe, there is a song she sings....her canticle goes... "Born from tears and bound with hope, woven together like a sea vessel's rope. Far over the Fog Mountain, beneath the Seven Dells, lays a place she calls the Lake of Bells. The crickets raise their legs and a symphony rides the lands, and parts the waters, upon the stone she stands." To see this story and artwork, you can go to his page, Matthew C Nelson Artist and author of comics and future dream, Children' books Ethereal dragon of yesteryear, Silvertoe.

 All copyright @ Matthew Christopher Nelson

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